Over the past 2 decades, URO has led the industry with strong manufacturing expertise.



URO invests in advanced testing and validation tools.



URO uses advanced engineering software to model specific components.



Lower product development costs for aftermarket products while improving overall vehicle performance.



Strong manufacturing expertise along with rigorous testing and analysis techniques.



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Patented ELLIPSOID Design for Heavy duty Torque rod cartridge bushings and select rear suspension bushings

Ellipsoid Cutaway URO® is a leader in the design and manufacture of quality polyurethane suspension components for heavy commercial vehicle suspension systems. Since 1995, URO has been providing advanced innovative designs in the emerging market for polyurethane suspension components. URO bushings are manufactured in a TS16949 registered organization which is capable of delivering the quality that you require at a competitive price. Whether it's URO’s innovative "free-rotational" and “ellipsoidal” technologies, or simple parts molded with a special polyurethane formulation, URO provides the elastomeric material that you need and features a wide range of physical properties designed for various vehicle applications.

URO has led the industry with breakthrough polyurethane designs and strong manufacturing expertise. Rigorous testing and advanced analysis techniques enable our products to meet stringent durability requirements and vehicle performance expectations.

URO's polyurethane shackle system product line is the result of an extensive research and development project begun in 1991. Initial efforts were spent developing the proper material in order to achieve the physical properties needed for suspension bushings in particular applications. Soon it became apparent that a free rotational design bushing would solve many of the problems inherent in the use of bi-metal bushings and rubber bushings. The shackle and suspension product lines are designed with the passenger and driver in mind. URO employs a total vehicle approach to achieve ride and performance optimization. This results in robust solutions that feature the ride quality, vehicle handling and stability required for applications around the world. We strive to be an extension of our aftermarket customers both in terms of engineering and product development, leveraging our technical expertise to bring customized solutions to specific applications.

URO® continues to research and test polyurethane materials in order to supply high quality parts to our customers. With the polyurethane not bonded to the inner sleeve, URO bushings are free from the twisting and tearing action found in many other bushings. This elimination of torsional stresses and use of polyurethane helps extend the bushing life beyond that of other OEM and aftermarket rubber bushings. URO bushing designs offer easier and faster installation procedures. Engineered with ease of installation in mind, they help provide lower repair costs. The free rotational and ellipsoid design, with the use of polyurethane which is chemically resistant to grease, solvents, oils and other elements that bushings come into contact with daily, allows URO to back its products with a dependable warranty.

All of the advantages urethane displayed are enhanced many times by our 'free rotational' ellipsoid bushing design. The design completely eliminates both shear and torsional stresses. This feature helps increase the performance and life of the suspension components because the suspension absorbs shock rather than multiplying the force.

strong manufacturing expertise along with rigorous testing and analysis techniques.

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URO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium polyurethane suspension components to global polyurethane markets.

Our legacy embodies over 25 years as the leading innovator and manufacturer of polyurethane components for the global transportation industry.

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